LNP Case Studies for Defra

Natural_Capital_graphicTwo case studies reflecting some of the recent work of our Local Nature Partnership have just been placed on our website. They were produced at the request of Defra, and relate to two areas of activity:

1) Natural Capital Baseline Assessment - this case study describes our efforts last year to create a document summarising all the natural capital assets across the LNP region (download it here).

2) Influencing the Planners – this case study explains our recent work in engaging with Local Plans and local planning authorities through the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ (download it here).

We had assumed that all the case studies being prepared by Local Nature Partnerships across England would be circulated among all the other the LNPs to help us learn from one another. However we discovered  that their main purpose is to help Defra staff respond to Ministerial requests for information about LNP activities. Whilst we support this, we did feel it would also be of interest to others if we placed both documents on our website, and urge Defra to take the lead in greater information-sharing and coordination between LNPs.

Trent Valley landscape to benefit from economic study

Derbyshire County Council has recently appointed consultants RPA to undertake an economic study of the Trent Valley in Derbyshire.

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View of River Trent from Willington Bridge
River Trent from Willington Bridge

The Council, in partnership with the LNP, has identified the Trent Valley as an area that is likely to undergo significant future development that could adversely impact its natural environment assets.

The contract, valued at £25k, will look at the current economic benefits we get from the
Trent Valley and compare these to the benefits that might be gained if a more coherent, landscape scale approach to development is adopted.

The work will be used to improve development decision making and safeguard both natural capital assets and economic growth.