LNP’s Green Infrastructure Prospectus published

The LNP has just completed development of its Green Infrastructure Prospectus.  This concise document makes the case for strategic investment in Green Infrastructure (GI) as a way to maintain and extend the high quality natural environment that we are so lucky to enjoy in our area. The natural environment has always been valued for its amenity benefits – the LNP also wants to ensure its value to the economy is recognised and that we take full advantage of its economic potential.

This prospectus is just the first step in achieving a regional GI network that will keep pace with economic development and provide much-needed opportunities for communities to access green spaces in cities and towns as well as the wider countryside.

We are distributing the prospectus to stakeholders throughout the LDN area and are encouraging them to endorse the recommendations in the Prospectus and work with the LNP to implement the next steps needed to realise them.

We’d like to thank all the individuals and organisations who participated in the GI workshop that we organised last year. This was a catalyst for development of the Prospectus and provided an excellent overview of actual and potential GI projects across the whole LDN area. Our thanks also go to the Forestry Commission who funded development of the prospectus.