Trent Valley

Pressures on the Trent Valley
The development of a landscape vision and strategy for the Trent valley is a priority project that the LNP supports and promotes.

The River Trent is a major strategic river and the Trent Valley was, and in part still is, a distinctive landscape focused on the river, rich in historical features and wildlife. Permanent grasslands for seasonal grazing would traditionally have defined the floodplain with people living in villages located on the elevated river terraces along the valley surrounded by traditional mixed farming.

There is increasing pressure for change in the Trent Valley through Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The need to identify further mineral sites and the allocation of land for new housing will place further demands on the landscape of the Trent Valley in both the short and long-term and these pressures are going to change and fragment the valley’s open agrarian landscape character.

The opportunity exists to shape this change to deliver a new and attractive landscape where people want to live, which attracts people to the area, provides new economic and recreational opportunities and at the same time maintains and enhances its rich history and diverse wildlife.

Developing a landscape vision and strategy for the Trent Valley
A landscape vision must address the following key challenges whilst simultaneously protecting and enhancing some of the essential character that defines the Trent Valley.  It must recognise the need to:

    • Protect existing heritage and environmental assets;
    • Extract minerals in the most appropriate locations and maximise the benefits delivered by shaping extraction in this way;
    • Grow environmental capacity to meet the demands of housing growth and deliver the green infrastructure that new communities will require;
    • Deliver a range of employment and recreational opportunities for existing and new residents;
    • Meet the challenges of climate change and flooding

Key to this will be the development of a landscape vision that plans for change over a long period and broad geographical area. The LNP, in partnership with the public, private and third sectors, is ideally placed to take this broad view and coordinate the development of a long-term vision and strategy for the Trent Valley.

Economic benefits report
In 2016, Derbyshire County Council who are an LNP partner organisation, commissioned independent consultants to carry out research into the potential economic and environmental benefits of taking a coordinated, environment-led approach to development within the Trent Valley in Derbyshire.

Their findings were that a coordinated approach could, by 2050:

      • bring in more than £2.8 billion a year in additional economic benefits;
      • create around 150,000 new jobs;
      • annually generate £80 million per year in additional social and environmental benefits.

In March 2017 we shared the findings of the research with key representatives from D2N2 LEP, Midlands Connect, Heritage Lottery Fund, Nottingham Trent University and Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Newark and Sherwood and South Derbyshire Councils at an event hosted by Toyota Manufacturing. Read more about the event and the report here.