Background to creation of LNPs etc.

The Lawton Report (2010) A major independent review of the state of England’s wildlife sites, challenging whether they comprise a coherent and resilient ecological network. It called for a major step-change in the way we manage the land, calling for bigger, better and more connected wildlife features to halt the on-going losses of biodiversity. It also made the case for recognising and valuing ecosystem services.

It led to the government’s Natural Environment White Paper (below).

Natural Environment White Paper (2011) ‘The Natural Choice’ is the main government document that has driven LNP formation and the creation of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) to give greater connectivity in the natural environment.

Policy - LNPs, Nature Improvement Areas, Planning

Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems at home and abroad  Government policy portal on protecting biodiversity and natural ecosystems.
- Local Nature Partnerships  List of all LNPs, contact details and map.
An overview of the Local Nature Partnership role Describes the government’s vision for LNPs.
- Nature Improvement Areas.  Background information on the 12 funded NIAs, current evaluation.
National Planning Policy Framework  A major policy document that underpins all decisions made in the planning process. See esp: paragraphs 79-125.
- Planning Practice Guidance On the natural environment.

Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity

Green Infrastructure – Natural England page that explains what GI is, with some useful links.
Good Practice Guidance for Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity. - published by the Town and Country Planning Association and The Wildlife Trusts.
Biodiversity 2020 - This biodiversity strategy for England.  It provides a picture of how we are implementing our international and EU commitments.
- Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan A 10-year action plan with specific targets, dividing Derbyshire (outside of the Peak District) into seven Action Areas, based upon the landscape character.
- Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Plan  Action plan for priority habitats and species across Nottinghamshire.

Landscape Character

Landscape Character - Natural England introduction to landscape character assessment.
- National Character Areas Information on and maps of all England’s natural areas.
- The Landscape Character Network
- Derbyshire Landscape Character
- Nottinghamshire Landscape Character